Newborn session


When to book

It is never too early to book your newborn session but I do recommend to book as soon as you can after your 20 weeks check up scan to make sure that both you and baby are healthy and fine. I will make a tentative booking based on your due date and then wait to hear from you when you arrive home from hospital with your brand new baby. We can then arrange a suitable day for your session and talk about all details. If you would like to book in, please use the contact form on my page or email me at with your due date so I can check my availability and once confirmed you will be able to pay in deposit of £95 which will secure your space.

What is the best age of baby for newborn session


The best time to photograph newborns is in the first 3 weeks of their life, preferably in the first 5-14 days. They are still pretty sleepy and still used to the womb position so they can easily curl up resulting in super cute portraits you will enjoy for years to come. Babies who arrive early will be worked into my schedule before the 3 weeks mark as best as possible but depending on their weight and health we might want to schedule the session at a slightly later date.


What to expect

I photograph newborns in my home studio based in Loughborough. We usually start the session in the morning at 10 AM to ensure we have enough time to finish the session. The newborn session time is usually around 2-4 hours (more or less), so please allocate this time for the shoot. This allows plenty of time to feed, cuddle and nappy changes as well as changes of props and blankets. Once we schedule your session we will have a chat about your preferences of colours and style of the session.  For example, if your husband is a firefighter, would you like your infant photographed in his helmet?  Will Dad be there?  Do you have some props from my website that you would like to use?  Do you have props of your own to incorporate? Would you like to have any family shots? I will prepare some set ups before your session to go with the style that you like but you will be more than welcome to look through my props/ blankets/ baskets/ buckets/ hats and headbands and choose your favourite ones. 


Older siblings


Older brothers and sisters are more than welcome to come along and I will try my best to photograph them together with new baby. Depending on their age I will encourage them to lay down with new sister/brother, sit next to the basket or hold (kiss) baby in different positions. I try not to rush anything and I will wait for your child to cooperate with me but please be aware that younger siblings (under 3 years old) get bored easily and might not want to play with me for too long so please try to arrange for someone to take them out once we are done with siblings shots. 


What to bring for the day of the shoot

Once we schedule date of your session I will explain over the phone how to prepare yourself and baby to the session.

Special items  such as first teddy, helmet etc are very welcome at your session and I will try my best to incorporate them in the photos.

For baby:

-plenty of nappies

-bottles and milk if baby is bottle fed
-dummy/ pacifier ( I recommend to bring it even if your baby doesn't use one just in case if we can't settle baby with other methods, but please don't worry if you do not wish to you one, as I will not force you to use it)

For parents:


-lunch (you are more than welcome to bring some sandwiches, snacks or order something into the studio as session might take longer than expected, I will provide hot and cold drinks)

- phone, books, magazines, laptop etc to entertain you during session (especially for dad!) I have a free access to WI-FI if you would like to use it. 

What  to wear for the photo shoot?

As studio gets very warm during the session to insure that baby is warm and cozy while naked please wear layers in case you get too hot.
If you would like family/ siblings photos taken bring some nice outfits with you. I always recommend to wear earthy coloured clothes without too much pattern so the main focus will be on you and baby rather than your clothes. I can advice what looks best over the phone. We can also do skin to skin photos if this is something you would like.

Baby is photographed naked during session or in fitted photography outfits and wraps which are available at the studio so you don't need to worry about bringing extra clothes for your baby.

Can you get rid of spots, scars, baby rash etc?

I certainly can, I do not get rid of birthmarks and moles unless requested to.

What if my baby or child doesn't co-operate and you dont get any good pictures?

 If your baby gets unsettled I might just need a bit of extra time to put your precious baby to sleep. During the session I will be using white noise which reminds baby from being in a womb and most of the times helps with settling. This is why we allow up to 4 hours for each session. In case your baby is very unsettled then we can try and reschedule session for another day but this hardly ever happens.
Most newborns tend to sleep 24/7 so please don't worry in advance.

If you have any questions please contact me through contact form, email or by telephone,

I will be more than happy to go over them with you.
Thank you,